A Light in August

There’s this way, when the sky is just the right kind of overcast in the morning, that the flowers in the back yard have this almost translucent glow. Today, with the early hints of Isaac hanging above, I saw the morning glories in all their vibrant blue glory. Some of them are working their way up the black-eyed susans, which, you know, is not a gardening victory of any real sort, but I love how the blue and yellow look against each other. I love how the blue of the morning glory is actually, if you look closely, three blues. I think the shape of the morning glory is just about perfect–part trumpet, part fairy hat, part flamenco dress.

So, I stopped my car and ran out to get a picture of this.

And now I think, the actual interesting bit of information I could share with you is in the green dagger of the morning glory’s leaves. See how vibrant that is? When I’m getting a migraine, that is how all greens look. Like better than real life.

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