I know it’s probably not unusual, in the scheme of things, for a hurricane to get kind of stuck some place, but in the time I’ve lived here, I’ve grown used to them moving fairly quickly. If one comes ashore in the western part of the Gulf on Tuesday evening, we usually have the remnants of it as a tropical storm by Friday night.

And yet, here we are at Thursday and Isaac is still hovering over the same spot in Louisiana. That’s really bad.

We’re seeing some clouds here from it, but these are still reaching finger clouds. The monster sits far over the horizon.

That is another thing I didn’t really get about hurricanes until I moved down here. They are so enormous. I mean, I live far, far from the ocean. We’re a good ten hour drive from the Gulf of Mexico, at least. And a storm in Louisiana and Mississippi is so massive that we have fringe clouds from it.