One Last Thing about Eastwood

So, I read over at Talking Points Memo that, “Romney advisers so trusted Mr. Eastwood, 82, that unlike with other speakers, they said they did not conduct rehearsals or insist on a script or communicate guidelines for the style or format of his remarks.”

All I can think is that this is the most bizarre part of it. Eastwood is a libertarian, not in “Ayn Rand is my Bible” sense, but in the “I want to be left alone to do my thing and I want to leave you alone to do your thing, and if government can operate quietly in the background, without me having to notice, that’d be great.”

And the Republican convention had already had some issues with libertarians earlier in the week. So, you’d think it’d be fresh on their minds that there’s a curmudgeonly contingent who’s not all happiness about the state of the Party.

The fact that the Romney campaign could look at Clint Eastwood and say “‘Oh, he’s like us. He’ll do what’s best for us.” shows such bizarre thinking that it gravely concerns me. Part of politics is knowing who your friends are. Between this speech and Christie’s, I really wonder if Romney gets that.

5 thoughts on “One Last Thing about Eastwood

  1. I honestly can’t understand another element as well about Thursday night and that is why Romney willingly let himself be upstaged on the biggest night of his political life.

    Clint Eastwood is an icon. The whole thing he did was bizarre and a bit heartbreaking to see an iconic figure look doddering and ancient. Yet it is still Clint Eastwood and Romney allowed him to take his thunder. Romney’s speech, however, was rather unremarkable. Christie didn’t mention Romney’s name until about 15 minutes into his keynote.

    It appears to me at least that the RNC was an audition for 2016 in some ways. And I also agree that I just don’t think Romney gets it.

  2. I didn’t watch the speech, or any of the convention, I agree with your estimation, Trace. The GOP is practically folding its hand. It’s a good bet, too. They can focus on their very effective state-by-state battles for another four years, and solidify local control while Obama spends that time putting watercress on shit sandwiches (i.e. shielding his corporate friends and his imperial ambitions from meaningless liberal disdain).

    This dovetails nicely with wide-ranging Republican efforts to curb black and poor folks’ voting privileges. They know they’ve got no ideas and are generating no enthusiasm, so they’re trying to cut the other side’s support. It may not get them the White House this time, but that isn’t the whole point.

  3. Eastwood has always been a very big environmentalist, though. He’s really not a Libertarian that I can see. He was always an old-school Republican, in the 1980s sense.

    I think comments like this are the Romney camp trying to distance themselves from the Eastwood disaster. Also, they were so desperate to have a “celebrity” that was somewhat hip and cool, they didn’t care. And they didn’t expect him to talk to an empty chair because who the fuck saw THAT coming?

  4. What do you expect from Bill Clinton at the Democratic convention? My understanding is that he also has not allowed anyone to see his prepared speech.

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