What is the New Kitty?

I wanted to take a picture of the new kitty’s face so that we could contemplate what kind of cat she might be. I am torn between her being a Maine Coon and a Chinese Lion. If she is either breed, she’s exceptionally small for her kind. She also refuses to cooperate for a picture this morning, unless, somehow, looking at her ankle tells you something about her breeding (Oh, my god, she’s a Victorian Hussy!)

4 thoughts on “What is the New Kitty?

  1. Read the wikipedia page on maine coons – you can tell everyone that she has Viking ancestry! She does seem to be a dwarf maine coon – she has lots of the persian or angoran in her.

  2. Except that she’s so tiny. It’s as if someone took a Maine Coon and reduced her down to eight pounds. But, yeah, I think she may indeed be a dwarf Maine Coon, but I don’t know if that’s due to malnutrition as a kitten or if she is just genetically small.

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