Bill, Who is Fixing to

I’ve really been enjoying the DNC, though I haven’t been writing about it because, honestly, it’s nice just to watch and enjoy people I mostly agree with talking about a direction I’d like the country to take. I like hearing people being openly happy for their gay Marine friends and those gay Marine friends’ boyfriends. I like a crowd full of people who look like America to me. And I like how excited and happy everyone seems. It’s just nice.

So, analyzing the shit out of that isn’t really interesting to me and attempting to understand it isn’t really necessary, so what is there to say?

The Butcher and I were riveted to Bill Clinton’s speech, which was, of course, terrific, but also, of course, about ten minutes longer than you think you can bear. It was at that point, ten minutes out, when the Butcher said, “You know there’s someone running around asking people in the audience if they can play an instrument, because they’re trying to assemble a band that can play that dude off the stage.”

And then we both laughed. But we still watched right to the end.

7 thoughts on “Bill, Who is Fixing to

  1. I heard a great comment on that today. Bill Clinton gives a speech as though he believes that, if he just keeps talking, he will eventually be able to get everyone in the audience to agree with him.

  2. I missed the speech but caught a number of the clips. To agree with Min’s comment, Clinton is always more impressive in the nature of his arguments than in his delivery. His lineage is more the great Southern trial lawyer than the great Southern evangelist.

    I gather that Republican strategist Alex Castellanos commented somewhere that Clinton won the election for the President last night. That may or may not be true but no one will be able to say that President Clinton didn’t do everything possible to help.

  3. I have to be the only mostly-Democrat in the world who doesn’t enjoy Bill Clinton’s speechifying. I enjoy the wonkiness; I’m glad to have him make Obama’s case; but it’s just too evident how in love he is with the sound of his own voice — as if he’s talking at length not because he’s making an argument that takes time to lay out but because he’s convinced that the audience just wants to hear more of him. Annoys me every time.

  4. nm–I’m not a democrat ::pause for everyone to interject with various “no shit” and “fucking duh!” comments:: so my pov is obviously tainted. But Clinton’s oratory has always bugged me more than just about anything else about him. I always feel like he’s got that air that certain preachers have of “aren’t you just so lucky to be hearing ME speak!? I bet this is a big moment for you!” The Gilderoy Lockhart effect.

  5. Yeah, Coble, that. My aversion to it is doubtless tied up in my mistrust of charming men.

    BTW, B, in this version there’s no list of new comments at all. Is this a plot to get me to read you only through a feed reader?

  6. There is. It’s just down at the bottom. I can’t find a non-shitty theme that keeps them up where they were unless I just go back to the old theme.

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