The Blog Roll

It’s gone. I never kept it up to date because I didn’t use it so I cut it. I have half a mind to reformat the whole blog, too, but I hate to lose the header. So, there’s that.

Edited to add: Okay, I did change the theme! And it’s fancy.

17 thoughts on “The Blog Roll

  1. So, about the only thing I don’t like about it is that you have to scroll clear to the bottom to see the most recent comments, which is kind of weird. But I love how great big the pictures are!

  2. Oh, please, for those of us who like to check the new comments quickly, don’t make us scroll all the way to the bottom!

  3. Bridgett, did you get to see it when there were a million cats in pants because I couldn’t figure out how to switch it from background to header? That was exceptionally ugly.

    nm, yeah, it does kind of stink, but there’s just not a good layout that does what I want it to do and has the widgets up where they were. But, the cat butts will be much larger, so some good will come of it.

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