Well, It’s Got Some Drawbacks

First among them is that there are no links to my pages. And, yes, it would be nice if the recent comments were easier to see. But I really like the layout and I like that I can classify posts as different things. I know it seems like some of the posts can’t be commented on, but they can. Just click on the circle with the date in it.

9 thoughts on “Well, It’s Got Some Drawbacks

  1. I like being able to read an entire post without having to click on it. I find that I stop reading blogs when I have to open a post to read it every.single.time.

  2. All in all it’s pretty sweet. I read blogs through a feed reader so I don’t really see your theme that often anyhow, but this is nice. If I was the theme designer, I would had added a position:fixed button to send people down to the menu. I don’t know if wordpress.com give you any ability to edit the themes, but if so I could tack that on here for you pretty quickly.

  3. alas, I just looked into it, and wordpress.com gives you no access to edit the html of your theme and charges you an absurd amount to even edit the css.

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