I’m Just Going to Put This Here for Folks to Read

This is from Yahoo.

Overweight teens actually eat fewer calories daily on average than their trimmer counterparts, a new study finds.

Among 12- to 14-year-old girls in the study, girls who were very obese ate about 300 fewer calories on average daily than obese girls, and obese girls consumed 110 fewer calories daily than healthy-weight girls.

When the researchers looked at calories consumed by 15- to 17-year old boys, they found that obese boys ate about 220 fewer calories a day than boys who were overweight (but not obese). And overweight boys consumed about 375 fewer calories than healthy-weight boys, the study showed.

2 thoughts on “I’m Just Going to Put This Here for Folks to Read

  1. It’s not just about calories. What kinds of food are they eating, and how much physical activity are they doing? We are failing overweight young people in so many ways, and this talk of calories is yet another red herring.

  2. Who’s this “we”? I’m working to do what I can to make sure that kids have access to healthcare if they need it and to inform grown-ups that they should otherwise mind their own damn businesses, because kids’ bodies are not public property.

    I’m doing my part.

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