Chris Brown is America’s Worst Person in the World!!!!

I admit, when I saw this tattoo on Chris Brown’s neck, I was briefly dumbfounded. Who would tattoo an image of his battered ex-girlfriend on his neck?! You wouldn’t believe a Tarantino villain would even do such a thing! And then I thought, well, it’d be nice if all abusive assholes came with a warning label.

But I’ve now been staring at the thing for a number of minutes (a small number of minutes, I swear!) and I think it’s supposed to be half a normal woman (who looks a lot like Rhianna) and half a decorated skull.

And now, I am laughing so hard tears are coming to my eyes. Because if that is, indeed, what it’s supposed to be, that may be the worst tattoo I’ve seen on a person who could certainly afford better. The bone structure on the skull half doesn’t resemble the bone structure on the fleshed half, as if the “artist” doesn’t really understand how bone sits under flesh in the first place, how it gives shape to a face.

Now, I don’t know. It could be that he does kind of intend it to resemble Rhianna and to bring his beat-down of her to mind. But I’m laughing at the possibility that he’s encountering this grief because the tattoo artist was so shitty.

7 thoughts on “Chris Brown is America’s Worst Person in the World!!!!

  1. According to one of Alyssa’s commenters it’s not a battered woman or a half skull. It’s a half dead/half alive person representing the Egyptian pharoah’s transition to Osiris. Apparently he’s done body makeup on a similar theme at one of his award show performances.

  2. It is literally one of the worst professional tattoos I’ve ever seen. To think that someone with his kind of money is saddled with that is weird. Could he not find a better tattoo artist? If I were him–and thank the gods I’m not–I’d get that shit either removed or colored in as quickly as possible.

  3. I was trying to explain his tat to my husband last night and couldn’t find the right words for it. I ended up using “well, some people on the net think it’s of Rhianna’s/a woman’s beaten face, but I think the tattoo artist just didn’t like him or didn’t know what the heck he was doing”. It has to be one of the worst examples of body “art” I’ve ever seen.

  4. Joel McHale said it looks nothing like Rhianna but that could change after someone punches him in the neck three or four times.

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