Struck with Wonder

Someone explain this to me. Has Mayor Dean just done the most progressive thing in recent Tennessee history on purpose? The article makes it sound like he knows what the book is about.

I feel weird. I feel… I don’t know…. is this pride? Pride in being a Democrat? Is that what this feeling is?

7 thoughts on “Struck with Wonder

  1. Well, maybe not that risky, now that I think about it, since the only Republican legislator likely to read it is Beth Harwell and I’m sure she doesn’t want to take 45 minutes to explain to the rest of them how it’s an insult to them.

  2. Starting a book club is very exciting, but not all that risky. That choice of book is rather risky though. How exciting.

  3. I heard it on WPLN, then immediately went to confirm it elsewhere – “Wait, did *Nashville* just pick ‘A Handmaid’s Tale’ to read????'”

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