Booker T

I’m listening to Robert Gordon interview Booker T and I am blown away. It is literally one of the most informative, entertaining interviews I’ve heard in a long time. And Booker T’s voice is so beautiful. One thing about the South, which Hollywood never gets right is that not only are there just a shit-ton of regional dialects–for instance, someone from West Tennessee sounds nothing like someone from East Tennessee and neither sound particularly like someone from North Carolina–but there are also different dialects by age.

There’s a way, for instance, that old Southern men who’ve been to college talk that sounds much different than how everyone else who’s been to college, certainly I’ve never heard it in anyone younger than 60.

And there’s something about the way that Booker T pronounces his vowels, the way they sound like the fill up his whole pallet before they make their way into the world that sounds like…

Holy shit! Now he’s talking about his years at Indiana University!

People, I tell you, old Southerners have a college accent!

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  1. And in the event you have never read it, Gordon’s IT CAME FROM MEMPHIS is a must-read to understand not just Memphis from a musical standpoint, but from a cultural one as well.

  2. if you ever want to watch my blood pressure rise, get me started on Southern accents in movies. Case in point, Julia Roberts in “Steel Magnolias” — she is from Smyrna, GA and butchers her character’s accent. On the other hand, Olympia Dukakis’ accent is perfect – I know people who speak just like “Clairee”.

    Of course, I dislike Roberts immensely so I rather dig that she was out-Southerned by a Yankee.

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