Stevie Wonder’s Dog

Did I ever tell you about how, when I was little, my dad told me he ran over Stevie Wonder’s dog? He had this whole elaborate story about how he and his brothers had been at a Tigers game and how they left early to avoid traffic, but were in the handicapped parking area because of my uncle and my dad was driving and, oops, Stevie Wonder was at the game, too, and Dad hit his seeing-eye dog and I went to school and told everybody and my dad still thinks that’s the funniest thing ever, that I would so gullibly believe that he hit Stevie Wonder’s dog.

I dream, someday, of somehow running into Stevie Wonder and having him call my dad and say “So, you’re the asshole who ran over my dog.”

3 thoughts on “Stevie Wonder’s Dog

  1. It was mean of your father to laugh at his little daughter for believing what he said, but don’t let that deflect you from wondering why he would make up a story like that in the first place. Weird.

  2. Oh, I know why he made it up. I was pestering him about whether he’d ever met anyone famous and he kept saying “no” and I didn’t believe him.

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