Don’t mind me. I’m just over here inventing new pieces of furniture.

Someone Check on Coble and Make Sure She Doesn’t Need to Be Moved to the Swooning Couch

There is such a thing as a swooning couch, right?

Cool Mornings

Walking the dog this week has just been awesome. It’s cool but not so cold you need a jacket and the trees are just now thinking about turning, so there’s a glimpse of gold or red every so often. And it’s so loud, all the birds chattering at each other.

It’s amazing, really, that this is a place.

And today is the 14th! We are so close to October! I don’t think “Allendale” is the best story I’ve ever written or anything. After all, I’d be hard-pressed to say that I wrote it. But I think it’s good fun.

Falls in Tennessee are really something. The longer I’m here, the more miraculous they seem. Something about the heat of the summer makes you appreciate a glorious slow ending to things.