Two Weekends in a Row

Two weekends in a row we get food from the same spot on Saturday and two weekends in a row I spend my Sunday in a total waste of bathroom weirdness. Okay, I have learned my lesson, life! I see what you’re trying to tell me.

So, the room is not back together. No workable second short story is even drafted. The den is still full of crap. And Sue… Ugh. I had a bit of a breakdown yesterday and the Butcher was all “I can do this stuff, you just need to tell me.” Which, yes, is not my favorite thing to hear, but it did make me feel better. I will get him started on a short story immediately. Ha ha ha.

But anyway, so that’s two weekends in a row that have just been shot and not by fun “I’m screwing around!” nonsense, either. So, that’s a little frustrating.

I did have a talk with S. about the Sue Allen project and I am just feeling like I have written something I don’t have the talent to revise. But then, I’m also trying not to be too down about that, because I know it’s coupled with a weekend in which I couldn’t even do the dishes. If a hundred bricks need to be moved, you don’t ask yourself how you’re going to move them on a day when you can’t leave the couch, you know?

Because, even if the answer is “One brick at a time,” you can move no bricks.

Such is how I should read into my feelings on Sue. I couldn’t do anything this weekend. It remains to be seen if I can do anything. I’m just having a little crisis of confidence is all.