Bad for Republicans, Bad for America

I am a liberal and a life-long Democrat. I think if you read me, you know that pretty clearly. And yet, liberals have some tendencies that, when left unchecked, are not good. Just take a gander at the Alyssa Douglas fiasco. That desire to hold a whole community responsible for the actions of an idiot teenager? Not good.

In order for our country to function, we need functioning political parties, possibly more than two, but let’s start with two. If there’s one thing that sitting here in Tennessee has shown me–in a land where there is no functioning Democratic party–it’s that we need the push and pull provided by two healthy parties. People are best served by political tussle and compromise, as ugly as that process can be.

So, frankly, I’m deeply concerned about the state of the national Republicans. I mean, there’s a lot of good analysis about Romney’s 47% remarks already. I’m not going to rehash them. But that’s not something the leader of a party that is doing okay says. And yet, who would have been a better candidate? Romney was literally their best choice and this is him! A man who argues to his audience of rich white people that his life would have been easier if his grandparents had actually been Mexican.

Obviously, there’s just a level of disconnect from reality that would be terrible for this reality-based country if it ever got in charge. And yet, you know, it’s really going to be on Republicans to change this. In a way, I feel like the Republicans are our drunk friends. As long as they are drinking, they’re incoherent with rage, operating under the assumption that they’re wittier and smoother with the sexy-times and more well-liked than they actually are. Plus, they’re wrecking things and endangering everyone.

We really need them to sober up and yet, they want to avoid the hang-over at all costs, so they just keep drinking.

I mean, people, we actually had political conventions this year where the Democrats were better about the military and the needs of the troops. Just let that sink in. The Republicans have squandered that.

I wish I could find this funny, but, like I said, it’s bad for the country. I don’t know what Republican change is going to look like, but I’m ready for it.