Yes, Another Link Dump

Sorry, folks. I no longer think I had food poisoning, but now suspect I burst an ovarian cyst. And, as such, it’s my prerogative to not write coherent things on the internet. Or something. I mean, it would just be whining about that, and who wants that? (But also not to worry. I now feel fine and am fine.) So, am I admitting to slacking off for no reason? Yes, yes, I am. Also, it’s the 18th, which means just twelve days until the start of October.

Okay, so here’s some awesomeness that is not me telling you about my ovary. Or about how I’m trying to order everyone I know in Denver to meet and be friends.

1. Tracy Moore’s columns on being a mom are literally my favorite thing at Jezebel, followed very closely by anything by Lindy West.

2. Jesus may have had a wife, which is as surprising as nothing! Nothing at all. He was a Jewish dude at a time when Jewish dudes got married. It’s unlikely that he would have not been married by 30. My dad is 67, which meant that he went to seminary forty-five years ago. He went to a fairly conservative mainstream seminary, at which he learned that Jesus was most likely married and that his wife was probably Mary or Martha, Lazarus’s sisters, which I think makes his grief at Lazarus’s death and his raising of him from the dead even more touching. I love the idea that he came to love his wife’s brother as his own. That rings true to me as an experience people have of their inlaws.

3. Sady Doyle wrote this beautiful thing on Bruce Springsteen and dads.

4. And she also wrote this thing on Anais Nin.

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  1. I love reading Moore’s parenting stuff, but a lot of it triggers PTSD flashbacks. Is she the same Tracy Moore who wrote for the Scene?

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