Oh God, the Smell

Mrs. W. and I went for our walk, as we do, and we must have just missed a deer, but like seconds, because the whole back of the yard, both ours and the neighbor’s smelled so bad, like someone had just been spraying all over. And then, up on the road in big spots, just this overwhelming almost head-ache inducing smell of piss. I mean, you think cat piss is bad, it’s nothing compared to this.

By the time we came back, it had cleared away enough that my paltry human nose could no longer smell it, but oh my god.

It was kind of hilarious, but terrible, too.

2 thoughts on “Oh God, the Smell

  1. There is a smell worse than that – it’s blood that has leaked from the bag from the lovely gift of ground venison from a friend that I forgot was in my car. In July. Thank goodness it was on the carpet of the car that was removable. I had to repeatedly hose down the offending area – febreeze it – and then sit it in the sun for about a month.

    Also, in high school I remember someone put fox scent on a person’s coat as a joke. Needless to say that coat was disposed of.

  2. It’s Rut time for deer so that smell will be more prevalent, especially in the evening.

    Beth: Yes, fox urine is quite strong. This summer I had rabbits invading my garden. I bought a canister of granular fox urine and spread it around. The rabbits moved on and the stink in my yard eventually went away.

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