They Never Call When You Want Them To

I got a couple of rambly texts from my mom, but I have heard nothing in person from them about how the family reunion went. And yet, they’ll call me up to gossip about people at a church I’ve never attended, whom I’ve never met, and don’t know.

Parents these days, I swear.

In other news, I’m trying to read The Diviners and I need to know if any of you have read it, because I need to know if the “I’m narrating things like I’m a stereotype of a twenties flapper” thing fades into the background more or what. Because I found the opening chapter really scary and the next chapter almost insufferable. Does it get better? I think the story sounds really interesting, but I’m not sure I can stick it out.

Also, the dog smell like burning roux. I’m not sure why.

The Butcher assures me the den will be empty by Monday. I have to tell you, I’m a little terrified it will not be.

2 thoughts on “They Never Call When You Want Them To

  1. Havent read that one. But i have a burning question. Did you recommend Those Who Went Remain There Still to me? It was so very nearly great that it bugged the pamts off me. If she had just fleshed stuff out more, made it longer, finished the (well if briefly drawn) characters’ arcs off all the way…. But it had spiritualism, caving, Daniel Boone’s ghost, giant man-eating mystery bird-thing(s)! It was so damn close!

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