You Learn Things About Yourself in October

The first being that, if you like immediate feedback on the things you do that scare you, you should not parcel it out over thirty-one days. Ha ha ha. Lord. Last night I was all “Oh my god, they hate it,” and then I reminded myself that there wasn’t really anything for you to hate yet. But still, serialized short stories may not be the wave of my future (and now watch me go on to somehow revolutionize the serialized short-story form).

The second being that, though I really disliked the first chapter of Libba Bray’s The Diviners–it’s just way too much, golly gee, I’m talking like a flappadoodoodle flapper drinking my fire water and appalling the squares who just don’t get kids today–I’m really glad I stuck it. Last night there were four “Oh, I’ll just read one more and then I’ll go to bed” chapters, which, I think, is the sign of a good book. At least so far. Her magical knowledge is solid, too, which is nice.

The third thing is that I will happily walk in the rain in October, when that same amount of rain would be enough to keep me inside any other time of the year.