I Learned a New Square Today

Eventually your fingers say, “Get back to work.” It’s very difficult for me to write if I’m not also doing something else unrelated to writing. I need the time when I’m counting stitches to let things percolate in my brain. And I’m going to be all weekend at the Southern Festival of Books, so I need something to do in the booth. Today I spent learning the big square. Learn the biggest piece and the smaller pieces will be a cinch, I have learned.

I also think this means I’m finally feeling at home again, like this is a place I feel safe, so I can do nurturing things. I think I’m making this afghan for myself. We’ll see how much sewing it ends up being. There aren’t a lot of people I like well enough to sew a lot of squares together for. But if it turns out as cute as the pattern looks, I may make it again.

Anyway, it took an hour or so, but I learned this square today. The fancy corner stitches about did me in.