The Color of Poor

There is a certain shade of turquoise that reminds me of K-Mart, and therefore is the color of being too poor to shop anywhere else. This must be from a time before Walmart, as cerrtainly Walmart became the place that is where you shop when you are too poor to shop anywhere else. But also, in my youth, Walmart’s clothes had a kind of utilitarianism to them. They just looked like shitty clothes.

They didn’t look like shitty clothes that were pretending not to be. But that color turquoise was only at K-Mart.and it was often the color of clothes I otherwise liked. And it seemed to me that, since I thought it was such a distinctive color, K-Mart Blue, and so immediately recognizable, I loathed it. I thought it marked me as someone whose nice shit even came from K-Mart.

Anyway, I just realized that blue is going in my new afghan.

Maybe there’s some shit you make peace with without even realizing it.