Crocheting Teaches Me Things About Myself, Terrible Things

1. I don’t like to learn new things, even though the new thing I had to learn to do these squares was super easy once I got the hang of it. I still was a baby for the hour it took me to understand the directions and get the stitch down.

2. Even though I know you should tuck ends when you finish each square, I am not tucking ends before I finish each square. Because I hate it. Soooooo, you know, look forward to posts about how much I hate tucking ends.

3. I’m always like “Oh, I can just do this pattern with the yarn I have, if I modify it these seventy ways.” Which is fine with a pattern you are used to. Kind of harrowing for a pattern you’ve never done before.

4. You cannot know how to do any particular new thing beforehand. Even if you have all the skills you think you need, you cannot know how to do something until you have done it. And yet, I would bet that I spend a great deal of time not doing things because I don’t know how to do them.

5. Start with the biggest parts and work your way down. The skills you learn tackling the big squares will teach you what you need to do the small ones.


One thought on “Crocheting Teaches Me Things About Myself, Terrible Things

  1. Oh dear, I feel ya! I did a patchworking course so I could make a quilt. The instructor talked me into starting with a ‘baby quilt’ with a plain square pattern – where I rapidly discovered that I can’t cut straight, I can’t sew straight and being off your measurements by a quarter inch is enough to ruin it all! Thank god I didn’t try to make the massive quilt I had in mind!

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