Oh, Please, Scott DesJarlais! Tell Me Again How Pro-Life You Are!

A doctor has an affair with a patient. She gets pregnant. He pressures her into having an abortion. He tape records himself pressuring her to have an abortion so that he can prove to his wife that their affair is really over. He then goes on to become a darling of the Tea-Party congressman.

It’s hilarious.

But the very fact that it went down this way tells you why it won’t matter. DesJarlais and the voters who vote for him think any abortion they might need is fine, fine, fine and if they have to go to Atlanta to get it or save up for someone to go to Chicago or whatever, well, mistakes happen and anyone in his situation can understand. It’s only abortions that the rest of us might need that need to be illegal, because we want them for bullshit reasons that mean we’re trying to get out of our responsibilities.

If DesJarlais had been caught advising some random woman to have an abortion–a woman we can’t be sure actually deserves it–that might play against him. But since he was pressuring a woman he no longer had use for? Well, what else would you have him do?

It won’t matter.

It’s hilarious, but it won’t matter.

13 thoughts on “Oh, Please, Scott DesJarlais! Tell Me Again How Pro-Life You Are!

  1. Well, see, he’s a man. He’s not some slutty slut woman who had the abortion himself. And he’ll never need to have one himself. I’m surprised you can’t see the difference.

  2. Have heard of but never read an article written by doctors and nurses titled something like “Everybody’s abortion is immoral except mine.” If anyone has a link to this piece I’d love to see it.

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  4. Yet more evidence that abortion is largely a way for men to get away with acting in a highly irresponsible manner.

  5. This may be the stupidest comment left on Tiny Cat Pants in years. He’s not solely to blame for his actions and how they reflect on him as a person and a politician because there was a woman involved?

    So, it’s completely cool that he claims to be pro-life but wanted his mistress to have an abortion because it “takes two to tango?”

    Well, my god. By that standard, is there anything in Scott DesJarlais’s life he has to take responsibility for? I think not.

  6. Allow me to clarify: Responsibility for a pregnancy lies with BOTH parties. If abortion is a way for men to “get away with acting in a highly irresponsible manner”, then it is also a way for women to do the same. Scott Desjarlais is a hypocrite of the first order and his actions are reprehensible. I was speaking in general terms, not specifically about this particular assmuppet and his actions.

  7. OOOH, well, now I feel like an asshole. I hereby remove you from the “stupidest comment at Tiny Cat Pants” list and put myself on the “stupidest commenter at Tiny Cat Pants” list, which is pretty damn embarrassing, considering that it’s my blog.


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