The East Side Story Reading

Oh, y’all, there was a charming sofa and Elizabeth McClellan read some of my favorite poems of hers. There was a lovely crowd. I read the story I hate and I am convinced that it’s really, really good. Even the singing went okay.

But I want to tell you that, if you have to have a reading in town, East Side Story has some amazing advantages. One, they have wine and themed food for guests. There were eyeballs and faces and fingers to eat.

But the other, and I CANNOT EVEN BELIEVE IT, is that they had three artists make pieces based on stories that appear in A City of Ghosts. These aren’t great pictures, but they are amazing pictures. I brought the Rachel Jackson one home with me.

I’m going to have to bring my parents in there. Holy cow. I am completely overwhelmed by the awesomeness.

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