4 thoughts on “Sandy

  1. I saw a picture of the supermarket parking lot about 3 blocks from my old place in Hoboken, under about 5 feet of water. And Maxwell’s, the greatest place to hear music in North Jersey, is flooded. But these are minor details, because no one is hurt because of them. The scope of it all is just so big — I hope all B’s readers are OK.

  2. A gal I know in DC had part of her ceiling collapse. I could sympathize. Waiting to hear from my aunt in Jersey, who is, sadly, one of those “But why would I call if I’m fine?” people.

  3. My sister and her family in DC are all fine, just some damp in the attic. My cousins in NYC have electricity! So it all could have been much, much worse.

    Where in Jersey is your aunt?

  4. I actually don’t have any family in that area of the US, but my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who does. It must be scary.

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