It Sure is Strange

I can’t help but feel like Donovan is one of the most under-appreciated people who seems like he’s being appreciated just the right amount. Like, I say “Donovan” and you’re like “Yep, Donovan.” But then when you start to trace his influence on other musicians, you can’t help but feel like people should be all “Oh, yeah, Donovan.”

“Season of the Witch” is a fantastic song and one that you could spend all day on YouTube listening to different versions of. But what I want to point out to you is not just that folks love to cover this song, but that they do not want to stop singing or playing it.

Donovan’s version is just about five minutes long.

Julie Driscoll’s (my personal favorite) is pushing eight minutes.

Richard Thompson’s version is nine minutes.

Bloomfield, Kooper, and Stills go on for ten minutes.

Suck is ten as well.

And Vanilla Fudge goes on for nine minutes.

You kind of get the feeling that they’re all metaphorically dancing around the fire, hands linked with shadowy figures they’ve been forbidden from consorting with, and no one wants to be the first to let go.

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