Wayne White and How We are Nashvilles

I took the day to go down to the Nash-Up thing at the Frist which was really interesting and I ran into a shit-ton of people I knew and thought big thoughts with them, which was nice. And then Miss Beth showed up and we listened to Wayne White talk about his career and it was awesome.

But then I left because I was just done. My knee hurt and I wanted to be home with my dog.

I have some big thoughts on the whole thing, but I’ll get to them later.

The main thing I’ll say is that it’s hard for me to think of Nashville as one place. That’s just not my experience of it at all. It is better to think of it as a series of overlapping small towns–with those small towns being defined by interest or geographical location or shared work place. The folks who work at Vanderbilt sometimes say that they’re in the “Vandy Bubble,” but the truth is that the whole city is like a glass of milk some kid has put a straw in. Everyone has their own bubbles. Some touch. Many do not.

So, if that’s true, how do you talk about a “Nashville” anything? For instance, they had a panel that talked about Nashville as narrative and they had not one single local novelist on it. Which is fine. The panel was still good. But it just shows a blind spot. They did not realize they were missing a local from one of our more prominent villages. One that would directly inform what they were talking about.

Anyway, White talked some about longing and wanting to be in a world a little better than this one being at the heart of most art. It was pretty profound.

One thought on “Wayne White and How We are Nashvilles

  1. I am still glowing from the Wayne White keynote. He’s in my “top favorite artists of all time” list and seeing him speak was on my bucket list. It really was sensational. To me, he’s our Southern-modern-day-Andy Warhol.

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