The Case Builds for Isaac

The most important thing, when you are doing anything–though it’s not always possible–is to have someone who knows more than you about what you’re trying to do on hand. When it comes to Phillips family genealogy, I have a distant cousin–down one of Luke’s other children’s line–who is really, really good at this stuff.

So, I sent him my guess on Luke’s father and he was able to discover, back in an article in the New England Historical and Genealogical Register from 1978 a discussion of the two Isaac Phillipses in the area.

“It seems possible that the first husband of Asahel Seymour’s wife was Esak Phillips, found at Sodus in 1810. There was an Isaac Phillips living in Williamston, Wayne Co., that same year, however, note that Rhoda Phillips, wife of Isaac of Williamson, joined her husband in executing a deed in 1817.”

The Isaac Phillips of my suspicions had a wife named Rhoda. One of Luke’s daughters was also named Rhoda.

Words cannot express how much I wish I were sitting in northern New York in an archive or library right now.