Some Observations

1. My parents are much easier to get along with and get along with each other better when one of them is working, even a little bit.

2. I am probably never going to get used to the feeling of having, one the one hand, people say “Holy cow, that was great” and on the other hand, editors saying, “thanks but no thanks.” If you’re just starting out writing, I’ll say this. It gets easier. But it still sucks. I think it’s okay to get mad and hurt and want to stomp around and throw things, for a little bit. And then you really do have to suck it up and realize that it isn’t personal. May not even be a reflection on the quality of the work. But I’m saying that as someone who’s still like “Noooo! Come the fuck on!” and then wants to cry. I guess just realize that’s your problem, not the editors’.

3. My nephew shot a deer this morning. Looks like a pretty clean kill. So… I guess he won’t be needing deer sausage for Christmas…

4. I’m glad the Butcher is home. He’s been raving all about the trip, but the stories of paths up canyon walls with only chains to hang on? Ugh, I want to throw up.

5. I guess I completely made up the chicken bratwurst at The Pharmacy. Does not exist in real life. And yet, it should.


More Story Art

Chuck has a couple of more pieces up at East Side Story, based on The Church Street Man and El Protector. Both are pretty genius, but I have to tell you that El Protector blew my mind. It’s the way the religious iconography and the glowing gun play together. Something about it just makes me feel like it sees something about the story that I, myself, didn’t quite get.