The little squares and the medium squares are done. If I get my act together here this morning, I can finish up the big squares. Then comes the logistics of sewing everything together. How it appears to work is that you make four kinds of five different squares out of different arrangements of the three sized squares. Then, when you’re piecing things together, each square will be rotated every time it appears.

So, this means that I make square A four times and say, when I make it, I experience it as there being a big square in the left hand corner. It looks like, though, when I go to sew it together with others, I might end up with a bit square in the left upper corner only once. Needless to say, I’m nervous about that. Plus, I didn’t follow the color suggestions 100%, so I need to figure out how to distribute my squares so that the colors have a pretty even mix. I don’t want patches of blue and clumps of red.

I suspect, much to my everlasting chagrin, that I’m going to have to get twenty grocery bags and put all of my squares into bags and then rearrange until the colors suit me.

The level of work this afghan takes is hilarious to me. And I’ve already committed to making one for Rachel. So, this whole thing is basically just a practice run for one where I have all the kinks worked out. That’s the thing about crocheting. You almost have to do everything twice if you want one good one, because the first one, where you’re learning things, is almost always just the test run. Even if it looks fine, you learn so much from it that the second afghan is almost an entirely different beast.

There are probably other life lessons in there, but let’s refuse to learn them!

It’s going to be really gorgeous, though. I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

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