John Rich Endears Himself to Me, Slightly.

Scroll ahead to the 1:40 mark and just watch John Rich’s face as Meatloaf begins to get going. The uncomfortable smile, the way his eyes get so big. For a brief moment, I felt a kinship with John Rich, since it was obvious we were both thinking “Oh my god, what the fuck is going on?!”

(In other news, how the hell did Big Kenny get roped into that?)

One thought on “John Rich Endears Himself to Me, Slightly.

  1. Well of course you know I’m going to be all up in anything Meat Loaf. And while I’m disappointed that he’s supporting Romney and not Johnson, I know he’s a Texas boy and he’s just gonna be all Republican about it. Unless they go to Harvard (looking at you, TLJones), Texas boys grow up Republican now, it seems.

    Anyway, yeah. That was a big ol’ WTF moment–enough so that it has YOU siding with JOHN RICH. My world is broken now!

    I think, though, knowing that Meat is having a double knee replacement soon, and further knowing that he’s been muddling through on pain pills for the last five weeks until he could fit the surgery in his schedule, and further watching him sweating so much on stage and acting like a bit of a primo don….I can kind of conclude that at that moment he was both high on pain meds and on the energy of the crowd.

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