In Which I am on the Verge of Rickets

Y’all thought I was fucking around about wanting to be related to a pirate and yet, here I am with “dangerously low” levels of Vitamin D. I have already gotten reassurance from Rachel about the kinds of questions I need to be asking the doctor and am now just in the “I was freaked out, but am now making jokes about it” stage.

But damn! I didn’t even know “dangerously low levels of Vitamin D” was a thing.

I do feel like this almost means a window in my office is a medical necessity, though, right?

It is kind of funny, though, because my first thought was “But I’m fat!” as if that’s an immunity from being malnourished in some way. I mean, I’m obviously getting enough right?

Oh well.

Bodies. They’re fucking weird.

Yes, We Can Can

I stayed up until MSNBC called it for Obama. Then I woke the Butcher up to tell him the good guys had won and then went to bed myself. I’m obviously glad and relieved Obama won. Living in a red state, it’s nice to feel like there’s some Democratic national weight to be brought in to protect me, if need be.

Maybe that makes me a moocher. I think, rather, that makes me a member of a group Republicans like to steamroll.

Speaking of said steamroll attempt, I think every idiot who had an opinion on rape rape he could not wait to share with the nation lost. Some in decidedly Republican parts of their states. I am all for bipartisan ass-kicking of these sorts of jerks. If I had to guess, my guess is that it wasn’t just that they had retrograde attitudes about rape. It was the frightening realization that they had these retrograde attitudes about rape because they are grown men with no clue how women’s bodies work. And yet, they still thought they should be in charge of them.

Marriage equality passed in every state it was on the ballot. This is just amazing. I think we all knew the corner was coming up. But to turn it so abruptly–to go from four years ago when Obama was all “Oh, I don’t know” and there was all that Prop 8 nonsense–to having gay people talked about in such awesome ways at the Democratic convention this year and now this? To have our first openly lesbian congressperson? Like I said, I knew it was coming. It was still stunning to see the day arrive so soon.

The third thing that makes me happy is that I read that young voters–18-24–outnumbered voters over 65. I think, frankly, this probably accounts for a lot of the stuff above this. Young people were paying attention and knew the issues that were important to them and, I bet, communicated that to their friends and family. I’ve already seen some kvetching about how young people don’t “really” vote so we shouldn’t somehow treat this as a real trend. But listen. This is two elections in a row with huge youth turnouts. Some of these voters, this was their second time voting in a presidential election.

The 24 year olds will be 28 next time. They won’t be young voters, you know? They will be practiced, habitual voters.

This is great news for our country. Young people should feel invested in voting. It’s the country they’re going to live in we’re shaping here, after all.

Anyway, good and interesting things.

The Civil Wars

Didn’t this chick JUST have a baby? Like, literally, four weeks ago or something? The amount of people who are like “whoa, what happened?” or, like the commenter at the end of the story I linked to, thinking this must be about her supposedly inappropriate stage behavior is just baffling to me.

I mean, sure, there could be some other reason or reasons why they’re angrily canceling tour dates, but isn’t the most likely straw to grasp at that one of them just had a major life upheaval and might need some time to physically and emotionally adjust?