The Civil Wars

Didn’t this chick JUST have a baby? Like, literally, four weeks ago or something? The amount of people who are like “whoa, what happened?” or, like the commenter at the end of the story I linked to, thinking this must be about her supposedly inappropriate stage behavior is just baffling to me.

I mean, sure, there could be some other reason or reasons why they’re angrily canceling tour dates, but isn’t the most likely straw to grasp at that one of them just had a major life upheaval and might need some time to physically and emotionally adjust?

5 thoughts on “The Civil Wars

  1. I thought the dude’s wife had just had a baby, or so I was led to believe by Lightning guy last night. (That sounded questionable. I meant ON THE AIR.)

    The only thing that struck me as odd was the verbiage of their statement.

  2. According to Wikipedia, Joy Williams had a baby in June and John Paul White has four kids, no word on how old any of them are.

    The verbiage did sound incredibly angry and bitter. But it’s pretty easy for me to imagine that a baby adds a lot of pressure to a musical career. And I was just surprised that more people didn’t immediately jump to that conclusion.

    It’s also probably pretty weird and hard to deal with the enormous success they had so very quickly.

    Whatever happened, I hope they both go on to have interesting careers, either together or on their own. And I hope I get to hear the juicy gossip about what happened, because I am kind of a busybody.

  3. when I saw the news last night I immediately thought “oh, whatshername just had a baby, of course she wants to stay home & be a mom for a while” — my second thought was “this is why we can’t have nice things” – meh

  4. Playing devil’s advocate here…

    She had the baby in June, I think, and reports of her being pregnant came out in the winter, so that’s almost an entire year to NOT schedule these tourdates. I’ve seen tours canceled or postponed often for such things, but not in the middle of a run of shows on another continent. Something else happened, and given that it’s Nashville, I’m sure rumors will start swirling soon. Either way, it’s sad. They gave me hope for new music that I hadn’t had in a long time.

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