I Took My Strut

People, I honestly feel like this afghan is an epic battle between me and my ability to fuck shit up. And yet! I pieced together two blocks and found one of my missing squares. Even this morning, when I woke up, I wanted to shout “In your face!” at… well…. I guess I’m my biggest nay-sayer about this afghan. Shouting “In your face!” at yourself is a little weird.

So, I thought I might take a stroll around the neighborhood with my dog, strutting about as one does when she’s feeling proud of herself, but the dog refused to go. She went out to pee and then she went back to the door and stood there.

“Fine,” I said. And I went for our walk by myself. It was a little weird. And seemed ungodly long. But if I’m going to be a pirate, I have to learn to do things even when my crew mutinies. I tried to make Mrs. Wigglebottom walk the plank, but when she got to the end of it, there was just grass. So… you know…. being a land pirate is not as easy as the old pros like John Murrell made it look. Don’t even get me started on the problems I’m going to have getting my ship under the stop lights on Clarksville Pike. TDOT has made NOTHING in this state accessible to the land ships of land pirates. Which is why I’m totally going to fight them first. Once I get my cannon.

But it was beautiful this morning. Cold and a little foggy up in the hills and I was filled with this longing. I don’t know how better to explain it, but no matter how long I’ve lived here, when I walk in the morning I am overcome by this enormous longing to live right here. It’s weird, because I do live here. But somehow living here is not enough to quench my desire to live here.

I guess I’m lucky, then.

6 thoughts on “I Took My Strut

  1. The only drawback to the angry canoe is that I’m not sure how I’m going to get my cannon in it. That and if I don’t have a mast, where will I put my Jolly Roger?

    Trace, I wish I could take credit, but “land pirate” is actually a really old term. Bridgett will have to clarify if there were land pirates all over the fledgling United States or if it was a term reserved solely for men who hung out along the Natchez Trace robbing folks, but it’s at least that old.

  2. “but no matter how long I’ve lived here, when I walk in the morning I am overcome by this enormous longing to live right here.”
    I understand that completely.
    It was very foggy at the house(we’re on the Cumberland) and then as the bus approached downtown, there was a thick fog over downtown with just the tips of a few buildings sticking up and glowing with the light of the rising sun. It was gorgeous.

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