8 thoughts on “Dry Fitting the Afghan

  1. I wish my grandmother could see your work, B. She’d hug your neck in pride and then whip out her hook to start helping piece that magnificent thing together.

    I didn’t inherit her wizardry with a hook, so I imagine she’d adopt you. And pet your hair and tell you how pretty you are and don’t you need some more sweet tea, honey? And maybe a cold biscuit with brown sugar on it as a little snack? Crocheting’s hard work! :)

  2. For some reason the occasional bits of black just put this over the edge into WOW! It would be great without it, but it makes the other colors pop more.

    And you need to get your land pirates press-ganged before the next one needs piecing together. Just a thought….

  3. rheather, that’s just my crappy camera. There’s no black in this, only dark blue and dark red. But it is making me think that some black in Rachel’s might be really dramatic.

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