The Garden Patch Afghan

I have some thoughts. Could you do this? If you’re a relatively experienced crocheter, absolutely. Hell, it would suck if you were a beginner crocheter, but you would know a lot about crocheting and afghan construction by the end of it. I guess what I mean is that, if you were looking to level up big time in your crocheting skills, this would be the afghan for it. I feel like I learned some things and I pass a lot of time in the winters crocheting.

If you aren’t that good at crocheting yet, I would recommend following the color pattern of the afghan exactly and following the advice of the commenters about making your small squares with three links at the corners, not five.

So, the nice things about this afghan are as follows: Like any good granny square afghan, it’d be great for using up leftovers. This pattern especially lends itself to that, because it actually looks better the more colors you use. The square, once you learn it, is pretty easy to execute. It actually works up into a nice sized afghan. And, if you can keep everything straight, it works up pretty easily.

The drawbacks. Keeping everything straight is a bear–almost at the limit of my abilities, not just as a crocheter, but as a person. There’s a ton of squares to keep track of. When you’re putting the squares together, it’s a constant battle to make sure that you’re sewing blocks together how they should go and, once you are piecing the blocks together, making sure that they’re facing the directions the pattern calls for, since there’s quite a bit of flipping things around.

I have five long table runners draped over a chair and I am just about as nervous about getting those four seems done as I have been any other part of the process.

Plus, I think this is a hugely time consuming project. It just turned out that, with my bum knee, I’ve had a lot of time to consume lately. I’m going to have this done in a couple of months, but, under normal circumstances, I’d expect it to be a three, three-and-a-half month project. You’re not just going to whoop one of these up in a weekend for someone.

I’ve only made two other afghans for myself. One got felted in the wash–let’s not think about that–and one is sitting in my room in need of mending–which I guess I should do now that I’m thinking about it.

But this is going to be a beautiful addition to the house.

And then I can get started on one like it, but with more blues and greens, for Rachel. Hopefully, that will take more time.


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