Vitamin D: The Undeficiencying

Oh, I forgot to tell you that yesterday was the first day of my three-month-long weekly regimen. I tried to decide if I felt any different, if I could sense some general feeling of better-being, like I did when the metformin first started to work, but the truth is: no. I already did not have any sexy pirates in my life, so I could measure no lessening of pirates as my chances of becoming one decreased. I didn’t feel particularly in danger of all of my bones breaking and me being reduced to a pile of jello, so I don’t feel any less gelatinous today.

I would kind of like a banana, but I always would kind of like a banana, so I can’t tell if that’s a side effect or not.

The pills, however, are beautiful, these kind of translucent, soft diamonds. I was stunned. I wonder if pharmacists are ever tempted to bring home their beautiful gel containers and make them into jewelry. Because these pills would make gorgeous earrings.

7 thoughts on “Vitamin D: The Undeficiencying

  1. I’m 3 weeks from being done on a 15 week regimen. Mine are the 10K mg variety – green & yellow gel ovals.
    I was discussing this with my dental hygienist this morning – a 27 year old. Her vitamin D was low recently too. Is everyone having this problem lately or what?

  2. Beth, I think it’s a couple of things. One, they’ve lowered the threshold for low Vitamin D and apparently white people have trouble getting enough naturally (I don’t know if this is because we use more sunscreen or what).

    But two, in my case, I think the metformin does a good job of ensuring that everything that goes in the front door is shoved out the back door fairly quickly, so milk and cheese don’t sit in my gut long enough for my body to absorb the Vitamin D out of it. Couple that with not enough sun and… bam… I’m on my way to rickets.

    Or that’s my theory anyway.

  3. I feel disappointed. My vitamin d prescription gelcaps where a bland pale yellow reminiscent of watered-down urine.

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