Good Work

Project X is coming along. I’m aiming for about 50,000 words that will, I hope, comprise seven interlocking stories. I only have about 2,000 words a day on any one subject in me, so the difficult thing with the story I’m working on now is that I know exactly how it goes. I just am having trouble getting it on the page, because I’m kind of mentally fried.

But, at lunch, I saw a Law & Order: Criminal Intent with Captain Morgan in it, briefly. He played the murder victim, but he was up and around enough for me to say “Hey, I think that’s Captain Morgan!” and then he died and then the showed the name Joshua Burrows and I said, “It is Captain Morgan” and the Butcher said, “I don’t know whether to be sad for you or impressed.”

8 thoughts on “Good Work

  1. I keep re-imagining the scene as Captain Morgan(okay, Josh Burrows) looking around and just slightly cocking his eyebrow and the killer drops the bat. It would really screw up the episode, but it makes me laugh.

    I think I’ll go watch some commercials now….

  2. I would like to get like five drinks into Josh Burrow and then ask him if it’s awesome that all he has to do is grow some facial hair and put on a pirate coat and everyone in America wants to fuck him or if it was tedious and terrible after about the thirtieth time.

    Not that he’s not a fine looking person not in the get-up, but he has the kind of good looks of someone you could imagine knowing in real life. It’s got to be weird going from ordinary real-world good looking to minor sex god just by dressing up like a pirate.

    I just wonder what that does to a person, how he makes sense of it.

  3. I think it’s like a superhero putting on his costume. All the hair and beard just draw attention to his eyes.

    And since he was ‘the corpse’ in a Law and Order episode I imagine he gets a reality check pretty quick.

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