Scott DesJarlais Continues to Impress

As I’ve said, repeatedly, nothing about Scott DesJarlais’ current behavior makes me think he’s not still an abusive asshole. Here’s one more example:

DesJarlais said he believes in “grace and redemption,” adding, “I think God gave me a second chance.”

“And I think unless some people see some sort of political advantage to grace and redemption … they don’t want to practice it on their own,” the congressman continued.

“I don’t know what the reason is behind that, but I know God’s forgiven me. … I simply ask my fellow Christians and constituents to consider doing the same for me.”

Yes, he’s literally asserting the “God has forgiven me, why can’t you?” defense. Here’s the thing. Part of being an abuser is that you want to be in charge, wholly in charge, and able to do what the fuck you want without consequences.

It’s very convenient that an abuser can know the mind of God and decide that God thinks you’ve been mad or too slow to forgive for too long.

Very convenient.

The kind of convenient that makes a person suspicious that God’s got nothing to do with it.

6 thoughts on “Scott DesJarlais Continues to Impress

  1. Anyone, anyone at all, who tells you that know precisely the Mind of God is trying, too hard, to sell you, or themselves, something.

  2. Hey now Tennessee, don’t be hogging all the redemption, Illinois has plenty to go around. Former congressman Mel Reynolds (D, IL) (did time for fraud and having sex with a minor) is one of those running for the seat recently vacated by Jesse Jackson Jr. (just re-elected before resigning, even though he is currently under federal investigation). Reynolds made his announcement the other day beneath a sign that read ‘REDEMPTION.’

    Reynolds said, “People are human, they make mistakes.”

    These guys sure got some balls.

  3. Mel Reynolds is still around?! I haven’t lived in Illinois in almost twenty years, and I remember that fart knocker.

    Barry, wasn’t there a country–or possibly Americana–song a few years ago with the chorus “Jesus has forgiven me, why can’t you?” I swear I remember it, but I can’t find it on YouTube and I want to make it Scott DesJarlais’ theme song.

  4. So this jerk should be forgiven for behaving in, by any stretch of the Judeo-Christian ethic, immoral behavior, but women who use/have used birth control*, for any reason, must be publicly shamed for the rest of their lives?

    Nope. Nope nope nope. Not even close to comparable, yet we have an entire political party believing this.

    *Obviously it’s no one’s place to “forgive” anyone for their reproductive healthcare choices, but some persist in thinking that uteri are anyone’s business but the owners’ and doctors’.

  5. The idea that God stopped by to answer Congressman DeJarhead’s request for forgiveness isn’t unreasonable. But it seems is curious given that the good doctor {at least for now} never bothered to ask for God’s input when he was philandering and encouraging abortions.

    Anyway, DeJarlais’ 15 minutes are ticking down very quickly. He may not be gone in :60 seconds but he won’t last more than two years.

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