Wiccans on TV

Yesterday, I made my way through all the episodes of SyFy’s new “Deals from the Darkside” which is like every other show where people haggle over stuff, except this time with creepy stuff! It’s not great, but some of the stuff he finds is pretty interesting.

And he has a friend who’s a Wiccan priest who cleanses things for him and she’s awesome. And it’s just played as a matter of course–of course he’d need spiritual aid when dealing with these objects that have a lot of dark history and of course a Wiccan would be good for that and so here she is, doing her thing. It’s really lovely.

Bless the Butcher

I came back from my Project X meeting (actual comment to a Tiny Cat Pants reader who stumbled upon our meeting. “Oh, you’ve stumbled upon our secret project meeting!” You know how startling it is to have your secret project planning meetings stumbled upon? Startling. And ours isn’t even evil. I’m just saying, I have newfound sympathy for Batman’s enemies. If “Oh, hi, Betsy. I thought that was you.” can cause shock and surprise, imagine how alarming it would be to hear Batman say “I’m on to you, Penguin!”) yesterday and my heart was just so full.

And I came home and I thought about everything the folks at the meeting had said was possible for the project. I have to say, it kind of affected how I thought the thing could end.

So, this morning, I got up with the Butcher and I followed him around while he struggled to get out the door to work and I briefly outlined the last two stories.

I was telling him about the second to the last story and he asked, “Oh, does she [something]?” and I said, “She totally gets [something]!” and he, the man who has been undermining my confidence with his Silver Bullet references, actually said, “Yes!”

And then I told him about the last story and he said, “But it doesn’t die, does it?” and I said, “No, of course not.” And he nodded and walked out the door.

A nod and a “yes!”

The trick to this project, for me, really seems to be making sure I walk regularly and that I have the afghan to work on. Those two things seem somehow to keep my mind in just the right spot for storytelling. Which is important, because, even though I only have three parts left, I am still sometimes overwhelmed by feeling like they’re insurmountable.

Today, though, I feel like I know where the path leads.

I just want to be able to hold up my end of the project. It is so awesome and the things everyone else knows how to do and has ideas for are so beyond anything I could have hoped for with something I wrote that I just don’t want to be the weak link.

But I think this is good stuff. I stuck with werewolves because I’ve been thinking about them so much lately. But my mom was all “Why is there never a story about a raccoon. A raccoon scientists are tracking with those radio collars, but it fuses with the radio collar and tracks the scientists and attacks them? You never hear of a raccoon doing that. But I think they would.”

I kind of want my mom to write that story. I have to say “Bionic evil raccoons” don’t do it for me, but she was so passionate about it that I kind of would like to hear what she had to say on the matter.