Random Thoughts

1. The State Museum it is. I had a plan for the State Library, but I don’t for the State Museum.

2. I think Jimmy Page is coming to more and more resemble my grandma.

3. When I was coming in to work today, the light on the skyline was weird. Somehow a lot of buildings looked just like shadows and I could pick out Jubilee Hall, which I am dying to have an excuse to put in a story, because I find something about it delightfully creepy.

4. Faust was performed in Nashville in the 1890s on average every other year. I would love to know why. I mean, I guess maybe people just liked it.

5. Ignoring the fact that the asshole cats have torn my screens to shreds, how cute is this? (It does remind me that I need to ask Santa for a camera for Christmas. Mine died in the ceiling collapse.)

cat and afghan

8 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. Yes, but I feel like, if I don’t install Kevlar screens, I’m just going to continue to have this problem.

    JCC, I want to know where the other mummies are. Early newspaper accounts made it sound like he shipped a handful of mummies back to Nashville from Egypt. Are they sitting in some grandparents’ basements or what?

  2. The new kitty seems love that afghan whether it’s in unattached squares or together.
    I’ve lined window screens with hardware cloth just to keep cats(and a small dog) from going through them. But that was with wooden frames.

  3. The write-up in Godey’s (“The Story of a Mummy,” volume 95, p. 265) says that he got six and that he shipped the best one back to TN. I would guess you’d have to look in 1859 Boston newspapers (which is where he unpacked the rest) to see what happened to the others.

  4. rheather, I’m about to switch to razor wire, if some cats don’t get their acts together.

    Bridgett, ooo, that’s really interesting. But sad that there’s probably not secret mummies in basements here.

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