I’m Perversely Excited about the Next Legislative Session

Tom Humphrey has these two juicy quotes from Ramsey and Campfield about their competing guns in cars bills.

The proposal is founded on a belief that permit holders, by going through a criminal-background check and required training, have proved themselves responsible, Ramsey said. And many are already keeping guns in their cars, despite being in violation of the law, he said.

“Let’s be honest. It’s going on now. This is to make those people legal,” Ramsey said.


Campfield said he is open to compromise on some provisions of his proposal, but disagrees with Ramsey limiting the broader freedom for keeping a gun in a car to handgun permit holders.

Cars, he said, should be treated as homes insofar as gun possession is allowed under state law.

“I don’t see why we should have a lower standard for one group. Cars are the same as someone’s property,” he said.

Okay, now let’s count the ways I’m delighted by this.

1. Campfield is publicly disagreeing with Ramsey. It’s only December. Mark my words, this dumbass is going to have a huge blowout with Ramsey. Probably in public. I’m guessing by the end of February.

1.5 It’s an interesting thing to contemplate, isn’t it? With so few Democrats in the Senate, one or two more still wouldn’t affect the Republicans’ power structure at all. But even if no one could openly support a Republican primary challenger to an enemy, there are cases where it becomes politically expedient to not make efforts to thwart a Democratic challenger. I wonder what that point would be for Ramsey?  I imagine, after shooting his fingers like Yosemite Sam–pew pew pew–for a half an hour every morning, when he settles in for the day, he contemplates that.  And Campfield? I doubt it occurs to him. I think he’s pretty confident he’s unbeatable.

2. Oh boy, I’m looking forward to a broad application of the policy of just legalizing what everyone is already doing anyway. Colorado, watch out!

3. Even so, I find the idea of “responsible” and “breaking the law” being ongoing traits a person can possess at the same time to be an interesting one.

4. Even so, the fact that Ramsey would publicly express 2. after they treated legalizing medical marijuana as a joke last year, is both hilarious and cruel. For the record–keep your gun in your car, we need to find a way to make you legal. Come to our state from Mexico for a job? Smoking pot to ease the nausea of chemo? It’s a joke for you to ever find legal remedy.

5. Cars as homes. I’m sure the law enforcement community will love having that put in the statute.

6. I’m dying to see how this session plays out in the business community. I know they’ve long thought they were in charge, they just needed to throw the social conservatives a bone every now and then by letting them stick it to women and gay people. I’m VERY curious to see what happens now that they realize that the social conservatives think they’re the driving force of the party and that it’s time for the business community to sit back and be happy with the few bones thrown them.