Are there hot mostly naked sculptures of saints or has Christianity pretty much conceded all the sexiness to the bad guys?

8 thoughts on “Satan Raises a Question

  1. Oh, my. I might have to make St. Sebastian the patron saint of this blog, unless they uncover (heh) some more interesting iconography of St. Thecla. In related news, today is his feast day in the Greek church, according to Wikipedia.

  2. Well, one of the later popes had all those fig leafs painted all over the figures in MichelAngelos ‘Last Judgment’ in the Sistine, and many previous popes before had their dicks chiseled off of even ancient Greek statues from where they took their inspiration, replacing them with the leafs. Thank you, Renaissance Art History class!

    Sexy Jesus has a six-pack in almost every painting/sculpture I’ve ever seen of him as an adult. NOW I want B to relate this to Sexy Satan!

  3. Does it have to be sculpture? There’s the painting of Adam on the Sistine ceiling, of which Yeats wrote:
    “Where, but half-awakened, Adam
    Can disturb globe-trotting madam
    Till her bowels are in heat.”

    Yeats thought this was a Good Thing.

  4. Peg, I’m more concerned about all the pictures at that tumblr crackerjackheart linked to that show Thomas suggestively sliding his fingers into Jesus’ wound!

  5. I’m still bemused by thinking of a mashup of Richard Kadrey’s Devil with statue #2. I may not come up for air for a bit.

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