Color Theory

I’m not an artist, so I don’t actually know that much about color. But when I’m working on afghans, I do think a lot about it.  So, I have all the squares made for Rachel’s afghan (the tail tucking begins!) and it makes me think a lot about pink. I’m not very fond of pink as a color, but I like it in this pattern, because it has a color, but it lacks any intensity. To me, pink gives your eye an opportunity to rest. And in a busy work like this afghan, you want an effect, I think, not of overwhelming chaos–which you’d get if all the colors behaved the same way–but of first one thing jumping out and then another. So, you need somethings–like the orange–that insist you notice it first. And then you want all the beautiful colors to start to come into focus. And then you want the faint colors to bring up the rear.

Pink is a great color for that third role. White can be, too, if it’s an off-white. Too crisp and it’s in the first or second camp. But pink is pretty good.

So, that’s weird. After all these years, finding a love of pink