–Is “have a baby” and “go to the gym every day for hours a day” really what Weight Watchers is touting as weightloss success now?

–The person who first sees the cat barf has to clean it up, right? And not the person who heard him barfing?

–How does one get pictures OFF this snazzy new camera?

–Does religion lead people to unrealistic expectations? A theory floated over breakfast.

–I wonder if the people who make “there’s not enough x in literature” pronouncements are ever embarrassed when they’re schooled like this? There are so many books. Any “there’s not enough x” discussion is always a confession that you just don’t read widely enough.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I just bought both of the novels mentioned by Alex Bledsoe in that article. One of them is going to be my next book group pic.

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