Afternoon at the Museum

Adelicia Hayes

Adelicia Hayes

We spent the afternoon at the state museum, which was awesome. We have such a good state museum. We didn’t get to see Murrel’s thumb, but we did get to see the mummy and the guitar exhibit and Mom spent some time with Elvis.

My nephew thought the mummy was fake, since it lacked outer wrappings. But he was impressed with the number of things there are to sit on at the museum.

He walked back to the car with me in the rain (we left my parents inside where it was dry) and we had a chance to talk some about city street crossing safety. I told him, “There’s always some asshole. Remember that your whole life. Most everyone is cool, but there’s always some asshole–like this taxi driver who’s trying to sneak through the crosswalk between us and these people ahead of us. Keep your eye on the asshole.”

He laughed.

In other news, they have a really gorgeous portrait of Adelicia Hayes. The kind of portrait that makes you appreciate why the devil might tell her suggestive stories.

7 thoughts on “Afternoon at the Museum

  1. This is a reply in response to your article about teens putting alcohol soaked tampons in their various orifices!
    I’ve recently heard about how they are getting around the problem you spoke about. Because like your experiments proved, doing it that way would be nearly impossible & to say the least very uncomfortable!
    But what I’ve heard about from my daughter & her friends is that if you insert the dry tampon first & then use a syringe used to give MEDS to infants or animals & then insert that into where ever & soak the tampon that way so it becomes soaked after its already inside them. Thereby side stepping those problems you came across!
    The whole process still seems really crazy to me but I thought it might be worth passing on! We parents really have to think outside the box to keep up with all the stuff they come up with these days!

  2. Were you in a big white car? I think we saw you driving up the hill. But we didn’t realize it was you until you passed us, because you were in the big white car. Of course, if it wasn’t you, that would explain the car.

  3. LOL@nm.

    Between the booze tampon testing and the boobglow experiments, your blog must have the most interesting search stats out there.

  4. NM, we were in a big white minivan! That probably was us. The phone rang right when I was downtown, but I couldn’t get to my purse to answer it.

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