Two Things

1. Yet another reason I love Tony’s Foodland: The cashier today was as tickled as I was that I got to meet the dude who started Purity Dairy and she totally understood why I fan-girled out and couldn’t talk to him.

2. NM made–hands down–the most delicious collard greens I have ever eaten. Took collard greens from “ugh, no thanks” to “if I distract everyone at the table, could I eat these all?” for me. Amazing. Involved raisins and pine nuts. So good.

Oh, I Completely Forgot to Tell You about OUTRAGE AT THE STATE MUSEUM!!!!

People. The Tennessee State Museum has a portrait of Sam Houston that makes him look kind of… I don’t know… I look at it, and I find myself with a funny grin on my face. If Sam Houston asked me for coffee, I would not say no. If he wanted to hold my hand and stroll slowly through the museum with me whispering to me all kinds of gossip about his old compatriots, I would wear my good bra!

What the fuck?

I have no taste in history boyfriends.