There’s a Person in Nashville I Want to Meet

Somewhere in Nashville is a person who has very similar tastes in literature to me. Every single time I read about a new book–like if a website announces, “We are the first to bring you news that this book exists, right this second!!!!” and I run to the library website to check it out, there is always a person ahead of me. Always.

Who is this person? Not only must he or she like the same kinds of things as me, he or she must read the same websites I do, learn about things a millisecond ahead of me.

I think that, if I ever do manage to be the first person to get a new book, I will feel a sense of triumph initially, but then I will worry about whether the person in town who reads slightly faster or types slightly more accurately than me is sick or dead.

Meanwhile, I wonder about that person and wish we could talk about the books we both like to read. Except that they just finished Jagannath and I have not yet started it.

One thought on “There’s a Person in Nashville I Want to Meet

  1. Maybe you will find a record of books checked out by this person, used as a bookmark. Or, if you happen to get your hands on the book first, leave a note in it for the next reader.

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