Things in the World

1. Oh, Army Corps of Engineers! Things like this are why everyone comes to roll their eyes at you eventually.

Seven months after Franklin’s dam on the Harpeth River was demolished, making the river free-flowing for the first time in 49 years, inspectors at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers believe several new dams should be added along the river’s route.

Seven whole months of free-flowing water?! My god! Thank goodness you’re working out a way to put a stop to that!

2. You know people live differently than you when a scam like this would even work.

Over a seven-week period, Steven Goldmann is accused of having conned a local real estate company, a fashion designer, a vintage guitar shop, a limousine company, at least one hotel, a furniture store, an audiovisual company, a helicopter rental business and a Hooters waitress out of tens of thousands of dollars.

I’m not saying I couldn’t be scammed. A good con artist is a good con artist. I’m merely saying that I had no idea you could pay by check for all these things. My hardware store won’t accept a check and a helicopter rental business will?

3. As usual, Tennessee State legislators don’t want to get shot at their workplace at the same time they write laws to make it easier for you to get shot at yours. If more guns everywhere is the answer, why can’t people carry into the legislative plaza? Why do they get more security of the sort they deny the rest of us?

6 thoughts on “Things in the World

  1. The Corps of Engineers is definitely afflicted with a case of tunnel vision. They’re intently focused on flood control, which means dams are a great solution.

    I do have to note, the ideas they’re talking about are radically different from the dam that just got taken down. Someone got some weird terminology in the article that I haven’t seen before. The so called ‘dry dams’ are detention ponds and they aren’t built on the river itself for exactly the reasons the article mentions. But they also don’t work all that well on a river the size of the Harpeth.

  2. W. I’m glad you came by to clarify. Detention ponds make more sense than “dry dams” (which I thought were weird earthen dams). Oh, on an unrelated note, I told my parents I would complain to you about the length of time 70 is going to be closed for that new bridge. In their typical fashion, they neglected to tell me where this new bridge is or where 70 is closed or whether it is even over water and thus one of yours.

    Andy, I feel bad for the Hooters waitress. You know she was hoping she’d get to quit her job.

  3. I don’t actually know the term ‘dry dams’ so that’s my interpretation of it. Never can tell what the Corps means for sure…

    I’m used to random road complaints from my own family and friends, but this is the first I’ve gotten from someone else’s family. Just so long as no one calls me at 2 AM because they’re stuck in traffic on the interstate in Denver (true story) I don’t really mind.

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