Maybe It’s Not That Bad: Project X

I finished the second to the last section this evening. I’m glad I talked to one of my beta readers in person about this because she said some things to my face that she didn’t write to me that ended up breaking wide open my understanding of the problem with the section. So, that was nice.

I’m feeling… not like a failure, but I don’t know, like things aren’t coalescing. Like I’m all fart, no turd, as they say.

I really want to be a turd, though.

So… that’s a weird metaphor, but I guess I’ll stick with it.

2 thoughts on “Maybe It’s Not That Bad: Project X

  1. Not sure what the “it” refers to – the project or the process. But if it’s the project, then I’d say you’re already quite a bit more than a fart. Maybe not a big, dark, floating turd. But substantial poo for sure.

    Most of the way through it occurred to me that I should have been writing little words and symbols such as “yikes, scary, awesome” and “ah, such a good place for this point” or “oh, no, I’m terrified for her. I hope they get away” or “tears are welling up in my eyes” and the like. Clearer impressions of what is working or what I was feeling would have been helpful. But mostly in those moments I was just too excited, worried, or engrossed to stop. Sorry.

  2. Oh, no. I meant that I’m feeling like I’m stagnating in just about all of my life except Project X. Your comments when we talked face to face were so helpful because something you said made the tone problem with the section just utterly obvious and, frankly, very easy to fix–though time-consuming.

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